Good Samaritans use Facebook to help shovel snow and dig out cars

    A few good Samaritans shovel the path to their parking garage so their neighbor can make it to a doctor's appointment Monday. <p>{/p}

    Though the winter weather is taking quite the toll on the Tri-Cities, community members are banding together to help each other.

    Action News found a few good Samaritans shoveling a path from the parking complex at their apartment. One of their neighbors has an ultrasound appointment to get to Monday morning and they wanted to make sure she could get out.

    "I think it's definitely encouraging especially now a days all you see is division everywhere you go so i't just nice to see everyone just like ‘hey we're all stuck we've all got shovels lets band together and help everybody get out,” said Alexandria Davis.

    A Facebook group called Tri-City Snowstorm 2019 Helpers popped up. People can post if they need help and post if they have proper supplies and are willing to help clear snow.

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