Local family saves jumper from Cable Bridge

Police: Good Samaritans rescue woman from jumping off Cable Bridge (Photo: KPD Facebook)

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Kennewick Police are praising the heroic actions of a brother and sister who saved a woman from almost certain death.

Sunday night at about ten, a woman was standing outside the rail of the Cable Bridge ready to end her life by leaping in the frigid Columbia River.

Davion Campbell and Kyliyah Davis stopped to help while many other drivers passed by. Campbell reached across the rails and held the woman in his arms to keep her from jumping until the police arrived.

The woman was then transported to the hospital to be evaluated and reunited with her family.

“The only thing I knew to do was put my arms around her and prevent her from jumping, because once I saw her it was pretty much I had a responsibility,” said Campbell. “She had asked me, ‘how can you come up and do this, how can you have love for me? You don't even know me.’ I let her know it's about God's love and the things Jesus has done for us and we have to be willing to share that love."

Kennewick Police say they are eternally grateful for the duo’s brave act.

Police also want to inform people of a 24-hour hotline for anyone who is feeling hopeless: 1-800-572-8122.

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