Governor Inslee Visits Tri-Cities


PASCO, Wash.-- The Governor of Washington made a stop in the Tri-Cities Thursday afternoon.

Governor Inslee went to Pasco to meet with leaders of the Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

We caught up with Governor Inslee and the Chamber President about their meeting, and asked the governor a few questions of our own.

Everyone walked out of a closed-door meeting between leaders in the Latino community and the governor in good spirits.

The meeting ran longer than slated, and that’s because leaders say there was a lot to talk about.

Issues like immigration, the fate of the dreamers, affordable housing, the job market, and the recent effects of the ice raids.

Nikki Torres says, "They are on his radar, unfortunately a lot of those issues cannot be dealt with at the state level."

Torres says she appreciated the governor coming to listen.

Nikki Torres says, "It was really important for us to have him come by and just listen to us because we're Tri-Cities, we're growing, we have a large population of Latinos and large population of Latinos and Latino business owners, and Pasco itself has a large population of Latinos so it’s really important to have our voices heard as well."

Action News also talked to Governor Inslee.

Less than two weeks ago he declared a state of emergency for wildfire threats-- he says he need to act now to help our forests.

Governor Inslee says, "We're seeing the fires now, imagine what they'll be 100 years from now, so we need a multiple approach to fight forest fires, it's not just Pulaski’s, that’s the tool you use to dig fire lines, it’s also reducing carbon pollution so climate change will not destroy our forests, we got to get busy doing that."

We also talked to him about recent tariffs imposed by the trump administration and how they’re affecting farmers, he says they’re having a ripple effect on our economy,

Governor Inslee says, "We are the big losers and it’s not making Washington great again, its making Washington hurt. They want trade, not aid. And the reason is, once they lose their market, it takes a very long time to get it back."

And lately our governor has made national headlines, as a potential pick to run for president in 2020.

We asked him for his take on this, he says he’s in the here and now.

Governor Inslee says, "You know you ask about 2020, we're not waiting for 2020, were fighting in 2018, were fighting to protect our health insurance, were fighting to help our children so they don’t get separated from their parents in 2018."

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