Handsomely Hairy for Health takes No-shave November up a notch

Handsomely Hairy for Health takes No-shave November up a notch

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The Tri-Cities Cancer Center and Mid-Columbia Libraries are teaming up to raise awareness about men's health.

The campaign, called Handsomely Hairy for Health, launched Thursday and focuses on the leading cancer killers of men.

Mike Novakovich with Tri-Cities Cancer Center said they're taking 'No-shave November' to a whole new level, adopting a Bigfoot theme and trying to talk about something aside from the scary statistics he said guys prefer to ignore.

He said it's important to talk about lung, prostate, testicular,and colorectal cancers by name and he hopes the conversation-starters featured in the campaign can help men in our community be more proactive about their own health,

"Guys, you know, we think we got it figured out. We're tough, we're durable. But the fact is, we've got some diseases that we can either prevent or find early, and if we can find these things early we've got a greater opportunity to treat-to-cure."

Novakovich said most people are familiar with self-examinations but unsure how to go about it, or what comes next.

He said they have information about who should be getting regular screenings on the campaign website.

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