Hanford High students give a helping hand to peer

A girl's life completely changed all at the hands of her classmates.

RICHLAND, Wash. -- A girl's life completely changed all at the hands of her classmates.

KEPR sat down with the Hanford High engineering club and learned how they used technology and teamwork to give their peer something she's never had

"It's something that my parents probably would've never even imagined that would be happening in their wildest dreams," said Fiona Kirkham.

Fiona Kirkham was born with only one-hand and being a junior in high school now - that's all she's ever known.

"I didn't really go through any struggles because I didn't know what it was like to have two hands," said Fiona Kirkham.

Now she does, with the help of the Hanford High engineering club.

The group used a 3-D printer to literally make Fiona a second hand.

"We measured out the hand and what angle it needed to be and everything. We printed off all the pieces and we put the hand together," said Kimberly McKinnon, Fiona’s classmate.

It took a bit of little trial and error, but Fiona recently put her hand on for the first time.

"It was really fun just going around and picking things up and making a whole bunch of firsts on my bucket list. It's amazing. It's that pitter patter moment. It's like graduating college and going into the real world. It’s scary but it's good," said Kirkham.

Especially since Fiona wants to make a career out of her passion for drawing and writing.

She said having another hand will definitely make doing what she loves easier.

"I could grab one thing and give it to my other hand and give it something to draw. I could hold my paper easier that’s for sure. I end up using my elbow or my forearm to keep the paper in place," said Kirkham.

Above all the new hand is giving Fiona her life back.

"I've been bullied since school even began period,” added Kirkham.

Now, she's more supported than ever with a whole club and school behind her.

"I have more friends than I know what to do with. It's a good different and that's nice," said Kirkham.

The engineering club says they're planning to keep working on models to perfect Fiona's hand.

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