Hanford removes the most contaminated piece of equipment

HANFORD, Wash. -- One more piece of the puzzle is complete at the Plutonium Finishing Plant at the Hanford site...

The two most contaminated pieces of processing equipment-out of 240 pieces- have been taken apart and removed safely.

The glove boxes were about two stories high, and were both heavily contaminated with radiological hazards.

Workers finished removing the first glove box in August of last year, and have just completed the removal of the second this month.

"The entire workforce is committed to removing the PFP (Plutonium Finishing Plant) from the Hanford site - removing the plant safety and compliantly - removing the plant to reduce risk to employees, the environment and the public," said Destry Henderson of CH2M Mill.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but representatives say this has been a positive achievement for the team.

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