High Schoolers throw Walk for Warmth to help people pay their heating bill

High Schoolers throw Walk for Warmth to help people pay their heating bill

MILTON-FREEWATER, Wash. -- The thought of getting your heat turned off in the middle of winter is a scary thing. So students in Milton-Freewater want to make sure no family has to go through that.

“There's definitely a need in the community,” McLoughlin High School teacher Jennifer Hammer said. “I know I’ve had students who've had their electricity cut off.”

Hammer and the McLoughlin High School Key Club saw a need and organized their first-ever walk for warmth.

“In Key Club, the whole reason we do things is to help people,” Key Club President Megan Norton said.

Walk for Warmth will raise money for people who can't afford to keep their heat on this winter.

“We're doing it in Winter so that the walkers can put themselves in the shoes of those who don't have heat,” Hammer said.

They're inviting everyone to walk this Saturday from 9 am to noon at Shockman Field.

Key Club members said they hope the track will be full of people walking around and around on Saturday.

But if you don't want to walk, you can sponsor someone to walk for you. You can either pay-per-lap or give a flat five-dollar donation.

Hammer said the City of Milton-Freewater will be matching donations.

She said lack of heat and electricity at home can have lasting effects.

“And there's research that shows how that creates trauma in developing brains,” she said. “Who cares what I’m teaching if you don't have the lights on at home?”

Hammers said she hopes the fundraiser will help keep the heat on for families, and help others take a walk in their shoes.

If you can't make it to the walk you can send a donation to McLoughlin High School.

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