Holiday DUIs in Washington by the numbers

Holiday DUIs in Washington by the numbers

Washington -- The holidays have come and gone, and police busted dozens of people for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Washington.

“The message is out there,” said Captain Mike Cobb of the Richland Police Department. “I think we cannot sound it any more loudly than we have.”

The message Cobb and law enforcement everywhere have is loud and clear--if you drive hammered, you will get nailed.

“DUIs are going to cost a lot of lives,” Cobb said. “And every one of those is something that should not happen and is completely avoidable.”

In December 2017, officials report nearly 1,493 DUI arrests across Washington. Here's how the Mid-Columbia region is stacking up:

Umatilla County: 10 arrests

Benton County: 8 arrests

Franklin County: 3 arrests

Kennewick: 10 arrests

Richland: 14 arrests

Pasco: 16 arrests

“Fourteen DUIs mean there are still people out there who are driving while they're under the influence of either intoxicants or drugs, and that's too many,” Cobb said.

Police said even low numbers are hard to celebrate, because the only acceptable number is zero.

“The options have never been more opportune than they are right now,” Cobb said. “You have so many different ways--you cannot drive when you're intoxicated.”

More opportunities include Uber, taxis, friends you can call with the swipe of a screen.

“Take advantage of all the options that are out there, and there is always somebody to call,” Cobb said.

Police said whether or not DUI numbers are improving or getting worse is hard to say, because of other variables like the number of officers available for patrol or call volumes.

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