Holy Adam West Day Batman! Walla Walla throws first-ever celebration for beloved actor

Professional Batman Clint Young stands with a group of children for a photo on Tuesday in downtown Walla Walla for the first-ever Adam West Day.

There was a very familiar signal shining over the streets of Walla Walla from the Marcus Whitman Hotel on Tuesday: the Bat-Signal.

And the signal is not just at the hotel. It's in store fronts and on T-shirts. There's even a real-life Batman, played by Clint Young.

"He's a real man. He has no power. His power is his costume and his skills and his knowledge and his strength,” says Young, who has been a professional Batman since the 1980s.

It's all in honor of the first ever Adam West Day, a day to not only celebrate the actor's iconic role as the Caped Crusader, but also to celebrate the man behind the mask.

Best known for his role as Batman in the 1960s television series, West was born William Anderson in Walla Walla on Sept. 19, 1928, meaning this event falls on his 89th birthday.

West passed away in Los Angeles, Calif. back in June.

Mayor Allen Pomraning announced the proclamation in the middle of downtown with the actor's family in attendance.

West’s daughter Nina Tooley says, "I can't imagine a better way to spend his birthday really than by coming here where he grew up and seeing this incredible celebration that's happening. It's more than we could have imagine would happen on his birthday."

The mayor also gave the family a key to the city, as well as a street sign for the new Honorary Adam West Way.

But Adam West Day has also given them more memories and stories about their father and grandfather.

"It's given us an opportunity not only to remember him, but to learn more about him and his life,” says son Perrin Anderson.

Now there's a new signal in town that will stay up forever near his childhood home.

Other Adam West Day events included live music, a showing of the “Starring Adam West” movie and a lighting of the Bat-Signal. The concept drawing for a statue was also revealed.

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