Hook up & go: local RV rental company will have you "glamping" in style

Traveling by teardrop allows you to enjoy outdoor adventure without having to sacrifice comfort.

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Camping season is upon us and there's even more ways for your family to get out and explore the outdoors.

A Kennewick company Explore More Northwest helps you hit the road with comfort and ease - with their fun, affordable teardrop RV rentals.

In recent years, renting RVs has exploded in popularity, making it easier for more families to take camping style trips.

At Explore More Northwest, teardrop trailers come filled with everything you'd need to cook, enjoy a meal, and relax in comfort. All you need to do is hook up and go.

"All of our teardrops are different, we have everything from 800 lbs., 1,200 lbs., and all the way up to 1,800 lbs.,” said Jay Cadwell, owner and operations manager of Explore More Northwest.

“They have all sorts of luxury items, such as air conditioners, furnaces, stoves, one of them even has a TV and DVD player in it.”

Cadwell said he got the idea to start this local company after he and his wife Dana went on a 3-month long trip in a teardrop. They traveled to several of the amazing national parks in the U.S.

Afterwards, he started renting their trailer out, it was so popular he decided to expand.

“Everyone's been positive and happy about it,” Cadwell said. “We have great return customers, we always enjoy seeing them every year and getting to hear their stories."

New this year, Explore More Northwest has camp spots reserved at Mt. Rainier National Park from July 6-8, which comes with one of their deluxe packages.

If you'd like to take a teardrop tour, one of these RV will be outside Blank Space Saturday, May 26 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A newly renovated airstream trailer will be on display, which was designed by Blank Space owner Olivia Berg. You can also meet and chat with the builder.

Northwest Paddleboarding will also have boards on display as well as class information.

Right now, Explore More Northwest is partnering with Northwest Paddleboarding, so when you rent an RV you can also get a stand-up paddle board for $50 for an entire week.

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