Hundreds search for hidden geocaches across Tri-Cities

    Geocachers search for hidden treasures

    TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- People from all over the world came to the Tri-Cities this weekend for a special scavenger hunt.

    Geocachers grabbed their smart phones and hunted for hidden objects by using GPS coordinates.

    The 2017 Geocoin challenge attracted more than 600 people—searching for dozens of caches camouflaged around the Tri-Cities.

    A brother and sister team was the first to find them all.

    "We were definitely going for it, so we pushed ourselves pretty hard today,” Jacob Murray said. “We worked hard,” Tina Murray said. “We ran and worked really hard."

    This is their third year in a row being the first back. Winners received four collector’s coins.

    Anyone can still participate until the coins run out. Find out more information here.

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