Ironic signs at Candy Mountain are grabbing dog owners' attention

Ironic signs at Candy Mountain are grabbing dog owners' attention

RICHLAND, Wash. – Candy Mountain has become a popular place for hikers in the Tri-Cities, but there's new signs out that are getting some attention that point out some things that don't belong.

Action News took a hike Sunday to see what's people had to say.

Families and furry friends alike, enjoy taking to Candy Mountain for exercise, and along the way, you'll notice little signs teaching you about the native vegetation.

However, you'll also notice signs pointing out what's not native along the trail, like your dog's poop.

"We were walking along and saw the little poop signs –‘NOT native,’ laughed Max Parham, a hiker along the trail. “It was pretty hilarious.”

"'Dog poop not native', I got a laugh out of that," another hiker Vincent Pando said. "I think it's kind of comical and it's a good way to call people's attention in a nice way that says 'hey, that's not really right.'"

Everyone knows it’s a neighborly courtesy to pick up your dog’s poop when walking.

Yet, sometimes people find themselves without a bag and decide to leave the pet’s business where it lays.

Hikers and runners said it's like dodging land mines when they’re on the trail.

"If someone steps in it, it's going to ruin part of their day," hiker Peyton Purvis said, who noticed a lot of feces along the trail.

"It spoils a hike to see that kind of stuff around," Pando added. “I don’t like it.”

Apparently, “there's no such thing as the poop fairy” either because signs with that message are seen throughout the trail, encouraging dog owners to be responsible.

These signs are not only clever but they're definitely getting dog owners' attention.

"I think it brings awareness to - pick up your poop people," Parham said.

"Everybody that has a dog or walks a dog should be responsible for the dog's mess," said Gregg Andrews, another regular hiker.

Candy Mountain has a pet waste station where your dog's doo doo should go.

So, the next time you grab the leash and plan to hit the trails, don’t forget your little plastic bag. Then do everyone a favor and pick up Sparky’s number two.

When pet owners leave behind poop in public places it attracts flies and other parasites to the area. This aids in the spread of parasites to other pets and sometimes even humans.

You can prevent the spread of parasites by grabbing a poop bag and disposing of your dog's mess.

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