Kadlec: Touchet woman in "satisfactory" condition after Friday rollover

Kadlec: Touchet woman in "satisfactory" condition after Friday rollover

The woman injured in a violent rollover crash in Pasco on Friday is still in the hospital.

Action News was on the scene as 38-year-old Erin Garcia was rescued from the wreck and taken to Kadlec with non-life threatening injuries.

Washington State Patrol lists Garcia at an address in Touchet.

Hospital officials say she's still in their care and listed in "satisfactory" condition.

Garcia's a son was in the passenger seat at the time of the crash but his injuries didn't require hospitalization.

Troopers say Garcia was driving along I-182 near 395 north when her white Dodge Dakota pickup left the road.

The truck hit the cable guardrail before flipping and landing back on its wheels.

Authorities say they believe the cables acted as a shield preventing the truck from going into oncoming traffic and crashing head on.

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