Kennewick adding two wineries on Columbia Drive

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- You'll be able to uncork a bottle of wine soon on Columbia Drive in Kennewick.

The Port and the city have partnered together yet again and are putting their boots to the ground to revitalize the area.

This time it's through wine.

Two wineries will make their way to the now empty space that borders the water.

The city says there are almost 200 hundred wineries almost an hour away- but this one will be the backyard to many residents.

"This is a revitalization area so by adding something that attracts residents downtown showcases the other amenities and opportunities in the area. It can also serve as a tourism attraction," said Emily Estes-Cross from the City of Kennewick.

The project is broken up into phases, and the first phase of building the wineries is expected to start at the end of this year.

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