Kennewick boy on life support suffering brain injuries, parents hoping for a miracle

Eddie Perez from Kennewick is on life support in Spokane suffering brain injuries after a skateboarding accident last Thursday.

KENNEWICK, Wash. – A 17- year-old from Kennewick is on life support after a car hit him while he was riding his skateboard on Rainier Street last Thursday.

The accident sent Eddie Perez to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane unconscious and in critical condition. Now his parents are hoping for a miracle.

The thought of losing a child is too much for any parent to bear.

"We still feel that he's still fighting for his life, he still has a heartbeat,” said Abraham Perez, his father. “He's still there."

Abraham said tragedy struck when a car hit his son Eddie while he was skateboarding in Kennewick.

Police and Abraham say the driver was not at fault but Eddie wasn't wearing a helmet. The collision left him on life support in the ICU in Spokane.

"We're hoping he's going to pull out through this that he's going to wake up," Abraham said.

A funny, loving, compassionate kid, Eddie’s parents hope he can survive this and come home to his brothers and sisters.

"You could never expect something like this, but we're here and this is life—accidents happen,” said Alicia Perez, Eddie’s mother. “You wish you could never go through these things. We have to hold on to our children, we have to be there for them."

Doctors tell them Eddie has no brain activity, but his parents have touched him, and have seen him move. Those moments give them hope.

Plus, hearing of similar cases throughout the US, where doctors recently thought a 13-year-old was brain dead after he suffered seven skull fractures.

However, the day doctors were supposed to take him off life support he woke up. The young boy is now in rehab, working to walk, talk and live again.

The Perez' said this is more than a reason to believe.

“That's going to be the miracle we see with Eddie walking again, Eddie playing again and Eddie going to school again and doing all the activities that he likes to do," Abraham said.

And no matter what, Perez’ said don't let a day go by without giving your kids a hug and a kiss and saying I love you.

The Perez family is separated right now with Abram and Alicia in Spokane at the hospital with Eddie.

Relatives are caring of the rest of the six siblings in Kennewick.

Alicia said she's grateful for help from neighbors, family and friends while they go through this tragic time.

"I want to give everyone that's been with us a big hug and giving us so much hope," she said.

There is a gofundme set up for Eddie and his family if you are willing and able to financially support.

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