Kennewick High School students walk out in protest

Kennewick High school students walk out in protest

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Dozens of Kennewick High School students left class Wednesday afternoon to protest what they say is an unsafe learning environment.

Students lined Dayton Street chanting, "We are the future, yes we are!" and "Stand together, united forever!"

They said the problem isn't just at Kennewick High, the issue is nationwide.

Eleventh grade student Aryanna Blackburn told Action News she doesn't know how to fix it, but it's time for the adults in charge to take their fears seriously.

“People in Florida didn’t know their school was going to get shot up that day," Blackburn said. "We just had a threat to Kamiakin for a school shooting. There’s a lot of us and we’re all scared to go to school. We want to start feeling safe in our community, and we want to change it.”

Kennewick School District representative Robyn Chastain said the students have their right to protest and express their opinions on any subject, and are welcome back when they're ready.

But their absences wont count as 'excused'.

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