Pregnant girlfriend of victim speaks out on open homicide case

    Cynarra and Hunter

    KENNEWICK, Wash.--A young mom to be is still having sleepless nights.

    That’s because over three months ago, her boyfriend was killed by masked men who broke into their home.

    As time passes, she’s closer to the due date of their unborn son, and yet further from the truth about who killed her boyfriend.

    Cynarra Scott says, "I just remember Hunter being on the floor, I was just screaming, I didn't know what to do."

    A night 18-year-old Cynarra Scott can’t shake.

    Cynarra Scott says, "It was the scariest feeling in my whole entire world."

    Two men, covering their faces, broke into their home, waking Cynarra and Hunter from their sleep.

    Cynarra Scott says, "He was yelling at them telling them to get out of our house, get out of our house. They weren't going to leave at all, they came to get something and they weren't going to leave until they got it."

    What happened next, a shot fired at point blank range, so close, Cynarra barely heard it.

    Cynarra Scott says, “It's awful, I feel just empty without him."

    Hunter’s murder was over three months ago, but the case is still open.

    His girlfriend fears the trail is going cold.

    But police say leads are still coming in.

    Sgt. Aaron Clem says, "Our detectives are still investigating the Hunter Black homicide."

    Sgt. Aaron Clem says detectives did recover evidence at the scene, which has been sent for DNA testing at the crime lab.

    Sgt. Aaron Clem says, "The reason it takes so long is that there's a huge backlog."

    The evidence is on a rush order, but still, that could take months.

    Sgt. Aaron Clem says, "A homicide takes priority of other cases, but there's a lot of those as well."

    Sgt. Clem tells Action News the public doesn't necessarily have to worry.

    Sgt. Aaron Clem says, "Most of these kinds of cases are targeted for some reason."

    But with Hunter's killer at large, his girlfriend says she’s still reliving and fearing October 26th will happen all over again.

    Cynarra Scott says, "I stay awake all throughout the night. Afraid it will happen again."

    Cynarra tries to stay emotionally strong, for her baby.

    Cynarra Scott says, "He was so excited to be a dad, he could not wait."

    She says Hunter wanted a boy, and a boy is on the way.

    While Cynarra tries to heal from the loss of Hunter, she’s glad a piece of him will still be in her life.

    Cynarra Scott says, "I didn't have a dad growing up, he didn't have a father so it was so exciting to watch him be a dad to see that love that both of us didn't get to have and now our son gets to grow up without a father and it just breaks my heart."

    To help Cynarra and her baby, click here.

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