Kennewick maintains firework ban despite Pasco lifting theirs


Fireworks are now being allowed in Pasco, but remember they're still banned in Kennewick.

Just because you can buy fireworks not too far away, you still can not shoot them off within Kennewick city limits.

"It is a constant struggle to have those fires from fireworks,” said Zach Moore, Kennewick Police Officer.

With fires happening across the Tri-Cities daily, the city of Kennewick decided to maintain its ban on fireworks.

"I grew up here in Kennewick. It's very windy, very dry,” Moore said. “Fireworks have always been a problem. It's very dangerous. The fire spreads so quickly, and it becomes out of control."

According to Officer Moore, Kennewick police have already recieved about ten calls having to do with fireworks just in the last couple of days.

"Unfortunately it's very easy to start a fire when you use any fireworks,” Moore said.

Members of the Kennewick community have mixed feelings on the firework ban.

"There are going to be fires, but I think with precaution and adult supervision it would be nice to have them here,” said Kennewick resident Lizett Padilla.

Others worry about the potential harm the firework ban could cause.

"If somebody does have an accident with a firework and they know they're not supposed to be doing it then they're going to be more hesitant to call for help,” said Kennewick resident Oksanna Hartle.

Instead of lighting off your own fireworks, officials encourage folks across the area to attend public firework displays.

“I prefer the professional displays anyway,” said area resident Kyle Sprowl. “There's no real worry if I'm going to blow my hand off, and it's bigger fireworks.”

If you're caught lighting fireworks in the city of Kennewick, there will be a $250 fine, according to Officer Moore. If it does cause a fire, you can be charged with a reckless burning.

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