Kennewick man suing trapper for drowning coyote pup

Kennewick man suing trapper for drowning coyote pup

A Kennewick man is taking legal action against the trapper he said he called to relocate an orphaned coyote found in his home last month.

Instead the pup was drowned.

Jake McChesney is calling the trapper's actions inhumane and is working with a Bellingham firm called Animal Law Offices to end the practice.

Attorney Adam Karp said trapper Don Caraway lied to his client about the animal's fate, and that his client would have never allowed Caraway to take the pup if he'd known his true intentions.

The lawyer said the American Veterinary Medical Association has already deemed drowning as cruel, and wants Washington State to adopt measures preventing wildlife control officers from doing it again.

Karp said the suit is important because folks need to know what really happens when they call for help with so-called nuisance animals.

"It's important to get the word out," Karp said. "So people are aware of what's happening to the wildlife of this state by people who are licensed by the State Department of Fish and Wildlife. Animals are suffering in horrible ways and it needs to end."

Action News reached out to the trapper but he declined to comment until after he meets with his lawyer.

Karp posted all 15 pages of the lawsuit on the Facebook group following the case.

You can download it in portable download format (PDF) here.

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