Kennewick man survives sudden cardiac arrest by wearing special vest

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Jeff Miller says his outcome is pretty clear.

"If I hadn't had the life vest, I wouldn't be talking to you now. I would've been gone. It was that serious."

The Kennewick man was prescribed a special vest after battling serious heart problems for years. It is the first wearable defibrillator that can detect sudden cardiac arrest.

This is like an electrical problem that stops your heart, which is different from a blockage that can cause a heart attack. But Jeff had one of those, too.

"When it started to escalate and started to get worse, my whole fear was losing him," said Elida Saldana, who has been Jeff's nurse for almost ten years.

If the vest detects an issue, it sends a shock to your heart that brings it back to normal. Jeff had to wear it all the time.

"Wasn't real sure about the vest, what it was, and what it did or how to use it," said Jeff.

And it wasn't long before that vest was put into action. He went into sudden cardiac arrest.

"The vest went off...just a 'pow' and it was a tremendous kind of explosion that occurred inside me," Jeff explained.

Jeff had just called 911 before before collapsing in his kitchen. When paramedics came, he was conscious. The life vest had saved him.

His doctor says the life vest has a 100% rate of success so far. After saving Jeff's life twice, it has made him a believer and kept him from becoming one of 350,000 Americans who die from sudden cardiac arrest every year.

"This vest is gonna save their life."
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