Kennewick man testifies in front of lawmakers about domestic violence registry

    Don Estes from Kennewick traveled to Olympia Monday to meet with lawmakers about Tina's Law. <p>{/p}

    A Kennewick man testified in front of state lawmakers in Olympia on Monday to talk about Tina’s Law.

    This is a proposed bill that would create registry of people charged with domestic violence. Don Estes's niece Tina Stewart was murdered by her partner. He told lawmakers Tina would have used this registry and it could have saved her life.

    "As soon as we can get a couple states behind us the other states will follow. That's what I’m hoping for,” said Estes, in an interview with Action News last week. “We'll have a registry in all 50 states by the time I’m through with this. That's my goal.”

    The Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence also testified in front of lawmakers.

    They say they have concerns about the bill. They think it might prevent victims from reporting domestic violence and raises privacy concerns for families of the perpetrators.

    Estes says lawmakers from 16 different states are showing interest on the bill.

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