Kennewick police investigate armed robberies that took place at the same location

Police say he appears to be white man approximately 5'7 to 5'8 with a heavy build.

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Kennewick police continue to investigate two armed robberies that took place at the exact same gas station this week, and now neighbors are left fearing for their safety.

Resident, Anna Noble said, “It seems the more it happens the more this place becomes a target for bad activity and it's a little alarming to be so close to what's going on.”

Officers say a man robbed the Jet Mart Conoco, at knife point, at the corner of Volland Street and Canal last night around 9 P.M.

“My husband and I were watching T-V last night around nine and noticed the sirens and the cop cars pulling up,” said Noble.

Police told Action News someone also robbed this same store this past Sunday.

“In both instances, a light skin male wearing dark clothing and a mask over his face entered the store displayed a knife and demanded money from the clerk,” said Sergeant Clem.

Police say the clerk did what the thief asked and handed over the money.

Then the crook took off running south towards the Kamiakin Apartments.

From last night’s surveillance video, the suspect appears to be wearing a blue sweatshirt and jeans.

Police say he appears to be white man approximately 5'7 to 5'8 with a heavy build.

Currently police don't know if both crimes are connected and say investigators are still working to find out.

Sergeant Clem said, “It’s certainly possible that it's the same suspect doing the robberies in this case but that's undetermined, at this time.”

Noble said, “It's kind of scary we have two young boys who live in our house and it's a little alarming to think that there's so much crime right across the street from our house.”

Police say while investigation is going on they will have additional patrols in the area.

“Residents just need to know that if they see someone that matches that description or see something suspicious in the area to call 9-1-1 and let us know, let us come out and investigate,” said Clem.

Kennewick police say it’s possible the suspect lives in that area and will continue to pursue leads. If you think you know something about either crime you're asked to call police.

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