Kennewick police share surveillance in car prowls

Kennewick police share surveillance in car prowls.

Several people in the Creekstone neighborhood of Kennewick became victims of theft on Saturday when car prowlers got into their vehicles.

Kennewick Police Department Officer Kirk Nebeker says, "What they have typically done is they'll go up and down the residential streets, in driveways and along the streets, and they will check every single car that's exposed and they'll check for unlocked vehicles."

One neighbor in the area says she had her purse stolen. Another resident, a first responder, had an EMT trauma kit taken out of her vehicle.

"We're not finding that they're using any forced entry or breaking windows. They're purely just opportunistic looking for unsecure vehicles with valuables inside.”

But in the most recent car prowl cases, Officer Nebeker is noticing a new trend.

Thieves aren't snatching up credit and debit cards.

"I would suspect it's because in previous investigations, several arrests have been made due to people fraudulently using the victim's credit cards, resulting in arrest."

Meaning they're now avoiding the items that can be traced.

So how can you avoid being a victim?

Officer Nebeker says to lock your car and take all of your valuables inside.

"Please just take these simple measures. It will avoid all the headache."

Kennewick Police is asking anyone with information about these car prowls to call dispatch.

That number is (509) 628-0333.

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