Porch pirate caught on film stuffing a stolen package up her shirt

Kennewick porch pirate caught on film stuffing a stolen package up her shirt

KENNEWICK, Wash. - When packages disappear from doorsteps, stolen in the blink of an eye, police told Action News it's next to impossible to find the thief.

It happened to Desiree Romano in Kennewick last week, and she caught the whole thing on camera.

"She obviously was trolling through the neighborhood, I think that's what it's called, and just saw the package there," Romano said as she displayed the footage her doorbell recorded during the afternoon on Friday, May 18.

"Broad daylight like that. So Brazen," she said as she paused and replayed the short clip. "It's such a quiet neighborhood, and she did it so fast, no one's going to notice."

Romano is in shock someone would violate her family by stealing something from their own front porch.

The porch pirate is caught on camera taking something recently delivered to Romano's porch, shoving it up her shirt, and leaving.

At one point it appears the bandit is trying to hide her face, only dropping her hand to conceal the cargo under her short-sleeved, orange shirt.

The Kennewick Crime Prevention team said there are a few things you can do to keep bandits at bay.

  • Have packaged sent to your workplace; don''t leave on porch unattended.
  • Ask neighbors to watch for and secure deliveries.
  • Planning ahead, scheduling deliveries for days you're available

Romano said she usually follows safety guidelines when having things delivered.

She said her absence was a rarity.

"It's just a fluke, I work from home," she shrugged. "I'm almost always home, I just wasn't this time."

Kennewick Crime Prevention Officer Mike Blatman said Romano did everything right and folks would be wise to do the same.

Especially the part where she reported the crime.

"I called, even though it wasn't an emergency because it had already happened," Romano said. "Even though it's a small thing. Because they can't catch them if they don't know about them. You do have to report it."

Blatman said police want to know if someone is up to no good, like a woman going on a door-to-door crime spree.

He said a video like the one Romano's doorbell caught might be the only thing that keeps stick fingers from striking again.

"Why someone does that, I don't know," sighed Romano. "You have to know about these people, and luckily I had her on film."

Officer Blatman said video doesn't guarantee they'll catch the criminal, but without it, solving an afternoon-burglary like this one is next to impossible.

He said they've already had a few calls about the woman filmed on Romano's porch, but they're still looking for her.

To contact Kennewick Police

  • Non-Emergency Dispatch: 509-628-0333
  • Anonymous report to Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-8477

(reference case 18-18426)

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