Kennewick School District Bargaining Negotiations to Remain Closed


KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Bargaining between the Kennewick School District and the Kennewick Education Association will remain closed.

This comes after the board failed to adopt an open bargaining resolution Wednesday night, a failed motion that brought out cheers from almost 100 people.

Open bargaining was proposed at the last school board meeting, a move the board originally thought would offer transparency.

But KEA members disagreed.

Southridge High Teacher Jamie Downing says, "Making an open bargain opens it up for lots more confusion, you can't be open and honest, about the issues."

KEA President Janet Bell says, "I think if you have lots of people in the room when you are trying to do a negotiation, it's just going to compound the problem."

Now the KEA and the District are focusing on reaching an agreement soon-- but Superintendent Dave Bond says it’s a complicated process.

Kennewick School District Superintendent Dave Bond says, "Sometimes we come to a disagreement with our union about what a particular item means, and so we will work with them to get language in those bills clarified so we both understand it, I think once we are all clear on what exactly particular pieces of language mean, we will come to an agreement pretty quickly."

The next bargaining session will be August 6th.

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