Kennewick uncle says school not protecting nephew after threat

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- A Kennewick uncle says he’s at a dead-end with what to do after he says a fifth grader threatened his nephew last week.

Jack Hall says, "We've had issues at night with him waking up having dreams that he thinks this kid is coming to kill him."

Hall's nephew was at Edison elementary school after hours on Halloween.

We are not naming the school for the student’s privacy.

Hall says a student who wasn’t in class that day came to the school grounds with a toy firearm, and pointed it at his nephew threatening to kill him.

The Kennewick School District confirmed with Action News that after the threat was reported, they emergency expelled the student who made the threat and started an investigation.

Kennewick Police also got involved.

Sgt. Aaron Clem says, "We sent out a patrol officer who made contact with the suspect, a ten-year-old boy, and his parents. Searched the suspect's home for both toy guns and real firearms and did not find any."

Kennewick Police say the victim did the exact right thing in this case by telling an adult what happened.

The school says the police investigation revealed there was no credible threat.

They say in situations such as these, the district follows the state laws regarding expulsion limits on elementary students.

Jack says he found out the student who threatened his nephew will be back at school after just a week of being expelled, in the same classroom as his nephew.

Jack Hall says, "Their plan was every day when this kid comes to school they’re going to pat him down."

Hall thinks there needs to be a better way to handle these threats.

Not only to make victims feel safe, but to really get help for those who are making the threats.

Hall says, "I think if we threw as many dollars at mental health care and treating people and helping people with those types of things, it would be less money than were spending on clean up after these catastrophes that are happening because of that."

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