Kennewick voters brave cold to cast their ballot

Kennewick voters brave cold to cast their ballot

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Nationwide presidential races generally bring out more voters than off-years.

Action News spent time with voters dropping off last-minute ballots in Kennewick to ask why they opted to brave the cold in a year so many others sat out.

Ron Wheeler was on his way to work but said he always votes, "It's good for America."

Wheeler said there's no particular race or issue he's voting on this year, he just thinks the process is important.

Joyce Beswick of Kennewick said she felt similarly,

"I'm a citizens of the United States, and I feel like I need to let my feelings be known. We try to do it every year."

The Benton County auditor said over 150k ballots were issued in 2017, but on Tuesday afternoon, less than a third of those had been turned in.

Gary Scrimsher of Kennewick said it takes work to be an informed voter,

"I read a lot of periodicals and try to stay up with whats going on in the country so I can support people who are going to do what I believe is right."

Scrimsher said it's fun to complain about politicians but he thinks our system works better than in other countries, so people need to stay active in their government,

"We need to protect the right to vote and vote in the people that we think will be honest and take care of the citizens."

Hector Gutierrez said that's one of the reasons he was out today,

"A lot of the concerns I have right now is, I'm somewhat of a conservative and there are times I feel like I'm being ignored by those who are currently in power. But just disregarded, and, no matter what side you are, Liberal, Conservative, your voice is important."

Jean Sands of Kennewick agreed.

Like many waiting in line today, she said she isn't invested in one issue more than the others on her ballot.

She was there to support the process,

"Voting is very important, we have opinions, we need to express those opinions."

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