Kennewick voters will vote on two school levies in February

Kennewick voters will vote on two school levies in February

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Another election is coming up, and Kennewick voters will have a chance to vote on two school levies.

“The sports, the drama, the music, the security, having a police officer on our campus,” Kennewick School District Superintendent Dave Bond said. “That's all paid for by the levy.”

The Kennewick School District is proposing two levies--the first is the educational program levy. It will pay for things like extracurricular activities.

“From my perspective, it's important to keep those things, and the only way to keep those things is to pass our levies,” Bond said.

The second levy is a new technology levy.

“The district has been looking at what we need to do to prepare kids to work in the 21st century,” Bond said. “And we believe that the 21st century will still involve a lot of technology, and that our students need to be exposed to that technology in order to be able to find jobs in the future.”

The technology levy will pay for things like devices students can use in class.

“Our goal, by the end of the technology levy is to be a one-to-one district, that means we have a device for every student,” Bond said.

But how much will these two levies cost taxpayers? Less than they're paying now.

The current education levy costs $3.35 for every $1,000 of assessed property value. It's expiring. The replacement will cost $1.50.

And the technology levy is a new levy with the rate at 50 cents. So if both levies pass, the tax rate will go from $3.35 to $2.00.

“We haven't had a double levy failure since 1969,” Bond said. “We have a very supportive community, and we hope that support continues.”

You need to cast your votes by February 13, and you should see ballots coming in the mail in a couple weeks.

For more information on the levies, click here.

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