Kids get back to school, police ramp up enforcement in school zones

    Kids get back to school, police ramp up enforcement in school zones

    TRI-CITIES, Wash. – Summer is almost over and it’s time to get back to school, meaning drivers need to start slowing down in school zones. Action News talked to local law enforcement and has the latest on what drivers need to know.

    "Our traffic units are going to be targeting our school zones within the City of Pasco," Traffic Officer Jeffrey Cobb said.

    School starts next Tuesday and Cobb wants everyone to be on the lookout for children walking to school.

    "Be aware of the children that might dart out into the roadway, and we also might want people to be aware of their speed," he said.

    Police throughout the Tri-Cities will have extra enforcement in school zones for the first couple weeks of the school year.

    "So when you see those yellow flashing lights you need go obey that school speed limit,” Cobb said. “that drops from usually 25 or 30 mph to 20 mph."

    Police said they'll be watching for all violations in school zones, including occupied crosswalk violations.

    Cobb said police want to ensure the safety of the students getting to and from school. That's why they're urging drivers to pay attention.

    "Especially with little children and even those big kids who are addicted to their cell phones and looking right at their hand all day, they are not going to looking for you, you need to be looking for them," Cobb said.

    Police said they take school zone enforcement very seriously, they will be educating drivers if they are caught speeding, and if necessary they will be handing out tickets.

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