Killer found guilty, son of victim speaks out

    Bonnie and Anthony Ross

    PASCO, Wash.-- The jury has spoken and guilty is the verdict for the man who killed two people during a Valentine's Day crime spree last year.

    Action News spoke to the son of one of the victims, an 82-year-old woman, who was in court today to hear that verdict.

    Anthony Ross, Bonnie’s son, says this past year has been full of anger, frustration, and sadness after his mom's murder.

    Anthony Ross said, "Just a wonderful person. It was devastating when I found out."

    Anthony says his mom was always helping everyone, and always wanting to feed those around her.

    He says he still can't understand why Hector Orozco Jr. killed his mom, and took away someone who was truly innocent.

    Anthony Ross said, "Why did you do it? That’s what I would want to know."

    While he may never get that answer, the evidence presented to the jury was more than enough to find Orozco Jr. guilty on six-of-seven charges against him, including first degree murder and second-degree murder.

    Orozco Jr. first killed 39-year old Demetrius Graves. Then police discovered he killed 82-year old Bonnie Ross, and stole her car. Ross was found dead inside her home.

    Anthony Ross said, "I'm just glad that the jury was able to render their verdict after hearing all of the evidence."

    Pasco police are also thankful the jury reached a guilty verdict in the double murder case.

    Sgt. Scott Warren said, "I wish two lives didn't have to be lost in this event, but at this point justice is one step closer to being served. Just feel for all the families involved, especially those who lost loved ones."

    Anthony Ross said, "I love you mom, I miss you, I am glad justice was served for you today."

    Orozco Jr. remains in jail on three-million-dollar bail.

    He will be sentenced for his crimes in February or early March.

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