Kindness challenge: do random act of kindness in honor of baby lost to SIDS

    Kindness challenge: do random act of kindness in honor of baby lost to SIDS

    TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- When a woman invited people in the Tri-Cities to perform random acts of kindness last year, she got a bigger response than she expected.

    So this year she's doing it again.

    Brehanna Baker-Gamin is issuing this kindness challenge on the anniversary of her daughter's birthday. Her baby girl died of SIDS just days after she was born.

    “I want to honor her in a nice way,” Baker-Gamin said. “I want her to feel proud that I’m her mom.”

    She’s inviting others to do something kind for a stranger in honor of her daughter, Amarah.

    “Whether it be buying coffee for the person behind you in line,” she suggested. “Or picking up somebody's meal.”

    Last year dozens of people took her up on it. This year Baker-Gamin is also collecting supplies for an expecting mom in need.

    “The mom that I’m sponsoring this year has absolutely nothing,” she said.

    Baker-Gamin said it's a way to see the good during an otherwise painful time of year.

    “You become a totally different person after you lose a child,” she said. “Not to be able to see them, look at them, hold them--that's the hardest part. You have to re-learn how to live your life after. It never fully heals. You'll always miss your baby.”

    But she said doing the kindness challenge helps.

    “It spreads a piece of her out into the world,” Baker-Gamin said.

    A world where people are good, and kindness is contagious.

    Baker-Gamin’s kindness challenge will go on all next week, and she wants as many people as possible to join in as one of Amarah's angels.

    She's also collecting donations and baby supplies. You can donate or reach out to Baker-Gamin here.

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