KPD: Scammer calls employers regarding jury duty to collect money from victims

KPD: Scammer calls employers of jury duty to collect money from victims

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - Kennewick police are warning people of a scam in which the caller reaches out the the victim's place of work claiming the person missed jury duty.

A report from the Kennewick Police Department (KPD) said at least two people have called to report this scam. The report stated the call came to the victim's employer.

The person is then called to speak with an alleged Benton County Sheriff's deputy regarding the missed jury duty. Reports said the suspicious call appears to be ghosting the BCSO phone number to appear real.

The victim is informed there is a warrant for their arrest and the victim can pay a fine to avoid going to jail.

The call recipient is then given a fine amount and is instructed to get the amount in Green Dot and is then told to scratch the back of the card revealing the code and offers it to the caller.

The cash is then transferred to the scammer, KPD officials said.

Police say no law enforcement agency or the IRS will call you demanding payment for warrants or back taxes over the phone. A request to use transfer cards, gift cards, money grams or other quick transfers should alert you to fraud.

Police ask those who receive a call like this to contact your local law enforcement agency to report the incident.

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