Later landslide could be more dangerous

Landslide expected to move in March

UNION GAP, Wash.- Geologist monitoring the landslide now predict the impact happening in March, which could create a higher chance of flooding.

"The river will be running very fast and very high. If the worst case were to happen in March, it could have a much more significant and much more immediate impact especially in Union Gap," said Cliff Moore, Yakima City Manager.

Yakima joined the regional countywide emergency management operations to help provide support for Union Gap when the landslide does happen.

"The ability that we would have as a collective to plan, prepare, stage equipment, respond and do search and rescue missions is enhanced," said Moore.

The landslide is still traveling very slowly, moving toward to quarry and geologists say if the slide does happen in March, they expect more rain but not enough to cause a major flood. Yakima Fire Chief Patrick Reid says depending on nature, it can change on any day.

Emergency management and other disaster relief organizations are planning for the response, mitigation and recovery stages for when the landslide comes. Geologist are monitoring the landslide every hour, and updating their models to improve their predictions each day.

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