Law enforcement serves up pancakes for a cause

Law enforcement serves up pancakes for a cause

RICHLAND, Wash. -- There's nothing like homemade pancakes on a Saturday morning. But this breakfast was served up by chefs like Benton and Franklin county sheriffs, Kennewick's police chief, and county prosecutors.

It was the 13th-annual Pancakes for Kids at Jefferson Park. The breakfast raises money each year to support the Support, Advocacy, and Resource Center (SARC) and Safe Harbor youth homeless shelter.

SARC helps children who have been sexually abused. People could donate to their fund in exchange for the flapjacks.

The chefs said people get a kick out of being served breakfast by law enforcement.

"It's also a great way to let the community know more about SARC and Safe Harbor,” said Andy Miller, Benton County Prosecutor. “It's also a great way to get people to talk to police officers and prosecutors in a non-court setting, and so we just really enjoy it."

They said SARC and Safe Harbor are great long-term solutions to preventing crime in our communities.

Miller said each year they raise five- to 10-thousand dollars.

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