'Legalize Richland' group to speak with city council

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    The Legalize Richland group will address city council members Tuesday.

    Ryan Cooper, with Benton County Libertarians, who are organizing the "Legalize Richland" group, says he thinks city council will make a decision in their favor.

    The group "Legalize Richland" turned in over 4,000 signatures for a petition to repeal Richland's moratorium on pot stores.

    The city found the petition invalid because of a Washington state zoning law.

    "These businesses are legit businesses. These are just your neighbors. These are people that want to open up a store in your town,” said Cooper. “And they're going to hire local people so this is more jobs for people.”

    “Legalize Richland" is hoping to get the moratorium overturn on a ballot so Richland voters can make a decision.

    Cooper says there are three dispensary locations planned and licensed in Richland for if the moratorium gets overturned.

    He says if this meeting works in their favor, those stores could open by summer 2019.

    They city council meeting starts at 7:30 Tuesday January 29th.

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