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Local and federal law enforcement coming together to combat problems at Carbody Beach

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Local and federal law enforcement agencies are joining forces to help put a stop to growing problems at Carbody Beach.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said one major problem they're facing is littering. Officials said the area will be cleaned up, and within days the beach is trashed again.

However, deputies said this is only a portion of the problems they're seeing.

FCSO said there are also problems with people recklessly shooting in the area, stolen vehicles, graffiti, and underage drinking.

Now, the Sheriff's Office is teaming up with federal agencies to try and restore the area.

One solution deals with preventing trespassing.

"This has always been restricted by time, 10 pm you're not supposed to be down here. So, there's going to be more signage that indicates that and it's going to be enforced," explained Commander Monty Huber with FCSO. "It's going to be enforced by the Sheriff's Office and it's going to be enforced by the federal agent that's going to come down here. If you get cited for trespassing by the federal agent, you're going to be cited into Spokane."

To help prevent big pieces of litter from being brought in and left behind, deputies said a gate will be put farther in on the path to the beach that will be more restrictive to vehicles.

Commander Huber said the Sheriff's Office is encouraging the community to reach out to their office if you notice any unusual activity.

"Don't remain quiet, let us know that things are happening out here so we can come out here and correct the issue," said Commander Huber.

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The phone number for Franklin County Sheriff's Office is (509) 545-3501.

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