Local-built 'Bread bot' drawing crowd at Las Vegas tech show

Local-built 'Bread bot' drawing crowd at Las Vegas tech show

A robot specifically designed to bake fresh bread is a rising star at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening in Las Vegas.

The fully-automated mini-bakery is built in Walla Walla at the Wilkinson Baking Company and can produce 10 loaves of bread every hour.

They call it the Breadbot and company president Randall Wilkinson told Action News his team first thought up the design 20 years ago, before the technology was available.

"People have wanted fresh, people always prefer fresh, and so the technology is cool but it's the warm-fuzzy of the fresh, real loaf of bread that has people excited," he said.

Wilkinson says the fresh idea adds a little fun to the shopping experience, without the added preservatives packed into store-bought loaves before they're shipped across the country.

He says they're preparing for the machine's debut at grocery stores all over the country in April, but until then the only operational Breadbot is already whipping up fresh bread at Andy's Market in College Place.

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