Wash. couple warns other dog owners after they say pit bull poisoned

Wash. couple warns other dog owners after they say pit bull poisoned. (KEPR)

RICHLAND, Wash. (KEPR) - One local family is without man's best friend after they say on Monday someone poisoned one of their dogs.

"When it comes down to it - at the end of the day - my dog was poisoned and I don't know why, you know, they took her from us," said Ty McLane of Richland, Washington.

McLane shares his heartbreak with Action News after losing one of his dogs, all by, how he said, was at the hands of someone else.

"It's cold. It's callous. I don't understand it. I just don't get it," said McLane.

McLane took a trip to the grocery store on Monday.

He left two of his dogs, a husky named Molly and his pit bull Bella, in the car with the AC on and windows cracked. When he got back, everything was OK.

A few hours later, it was a different story with Bella.

"She didn't eat half her dinner and this is a dog that eats all of her food. I mean, you give her lots and lots of food and she'll eat it all. But she didn't want her food. The next day she didn't eat her breakfast, then she didn't eat her dinner again," said McLane.

It prompted him to take her to the vet.

"Everything was so elevated that her kidneys were in failure and that there was no indication as to why. The vet just points to poisoning and we put everything together that it had to happen that day that she threw up. They had to of reached into that window and poison my dog," said McLane.

But medicine wasn't enough to save her.

"We had to let her go three days ago and every day and every night is tears and tears. I mean, going to bed is so hard; she was there in bed with us, every night with us," added McLane.

Ty and Lora rescued Bella from the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter and said she was more than just a dog.

"For some people they have kids, but that is our kid," said McLane.

But now, that kid is gone and the couple wants to warn other dog owners.

"Bella loved her car rides. It might seem like a good idea, but this time it wasn’t. It really wasn't a good car ride for her," said McLane.

Ty and Lora say they don't want any money to help them.

If you want to do something, they're asking you to donate to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

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