Low-income apartment complex in Kennewick getting complete makeover

Low-income apartment complex in Kennewick getting complete makeover

Nearly $20 million worth of renovations are coming to a Kennewick apartment complex as part of a new tax-credit partnership focused on modernizing things while extending the affordable housing restrictions for another 30 years.

The Seattle-based owners told Action News they're revamping the whole property both inside and out, and they've already started.

Improvements will happen in stages, with renters moving to an on-site hospitality unit while their living areas get upgraded to energy-efficient kitchens, bathrooms and other changes.

Owners say renters will be out of their apartments for about a week, but they'll be nearby in order to maintain some of their day-to-day routines.

Heatherstone renter Marketta Sharkey says she doesn't mind the disruptions.

"Well it's alright, I'm just excited," she said. "Everything is going to be new and updated, as it should be."

Heatherstone Apartments were built in 1996 and the owners say there are more than 450 apartments in the complex that spans over 20 acres on 10th Avenue.

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