Majority of Richland residents voice opinions against car tab fee

RICHLAND, Wash. -- A number of Richland residents packed into the city hall chambers Tuesday evening to voice their opinion on the possible new car tab charge.

The city proposed raising license fees $20 for Richland residents to help pay for city pavement improvements as well as finishing the Duportail Bridge.

The city did hear from a couple people for the new plan but an overwhelming number of neighbors were against it.

Some locals went up to the podium suggesting other ways of funding the projects, like asking for more money from the state or putting in a toll system.

“I think the $20 is too much. I really think you need to think about it and think about the people that live here and what impact it's going to have on them,” said Carol Fellows, a Richland resident.

“The cost of living is so staggering here in Richland. It's terrible. We're not getting our roads taken care of or anything here and you want to tax us more money with a $20 fee?” said Francis Kuhlman, another Richland resident.

“I don't think it's right. It's going to cost me $120 a year," said Armin Ward, a Richland resident.

Since it was a public hearing, council did not make a decision on this.

Members said they hope to draft up an ordinance to establish the Transportation Benefit District by March.

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