Man recovers instrument stolen from Howard Amon Park

Man recovers instrument stolen from Howard Amon Park

RICHLAND, Wash. -- A beautiful, gentle melody can again be heard at Howard Amon Park.

An instrument at the park is back in its rightful place after thieves swiped it more than a year ago.

The imbarimba had fallen into the wrong hands, until one fateful day, local musician Jason Watson saw it for sale on Craigslist.

Watson said he didn't think anything of it until he saw it in person and realized it was the stolen imbarimba from a year before. So he said he bought it for 20 dollars, and turned it into the police.

"Even just standing here during the interview, kids have come up and played music on it,” Watson said. “And just to know that there's that kind of outlet for kids to find in the community and maybe be inspired to play music maybe further down the road and become a percussionist. It's great."

Watson said he's excited the imbarimba is back in its home, and he said he hopes to see some more new instruments pop up in the plaza.

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