Mudslide in South Richland impacts dozens of homes


    RICHLAND, Wash. -A mud slide near Gala Way in South Richland impacted a couple dozen homes early Sunday morning.

    According to neighbors a water pipe froze in Badger Mountain bursting water to rush out and then sending mud throughout neighborhoods.

    People living in the area say workers with the City of Richland arrived around 5:00 A.M. to clear out most of the mud.

    Neighbor Chip Hesse said city crews brought loaders and a dumpster to clean up the mess.

    "They shut the water off right away they did a really good job with making sure people could still drive through and have access to the road and they got it picked up pretty quickly," said Hesse.

    Although road conditions look better if you plan to drive near Gala Way have caution because the roads are still slick.

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