NAMI Tri-Cities donates $5,500 to Benton County Mental Health Court

NAMI Tri-Cities makes generous donation in Norm Miller's name.

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- May is mental health month. The National Alliance of Mental Illness Tri-Cities kicked off the month by celebrating the major impact advocate Norm Miller had on the community.

Miller, a former NAMI board member, worked hard to bring better opportunities for those with mental illness.

Today in his memory, NAMI Tri-Cities donated $5,500 to the Benton County Mental Health Court.

“We just really appreciate Norm Miller, his widow, the whole community, the commissioners and everyone getting behind this and moving it forward for our community,” said NAMI Tri-Cities President Fred Yapuncich.

The celebration served as a "thank you" for all who gave generously to the NAMI fund as well as for Miller and his wife, who was in attendance.

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