Neighbors raise concerns over repeat fires in Zintel Canyon


KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Neighbors want answers after yet another fire sparked in Zintel Canyon Wednesday in the heart of Kennewick.

This is the fourth fire in six months.

Fire leaders say the fire Wednesday was the most significant of the four fires, and they're still investigating the cause.

We spoke to neighbors who say they want to know what's starting these fires so close to home.

Dori Jonker says, "We haven't had any lightning or thunder so it kind of makes you wonder what's going on to start these fires."

Akram Almory says, "We need extra attention we need extra eyes out there, if it happens more than once then there is a cause, there is a cause."

Fire leaders say there's evidence someone was living where this fire started.

And the Zintel Canyon fires we've covered in the past, were deemed suspicious.

The first one was in April, then one in June, another at the end of August, and finally the fire Wednesday.

Leaving neighbors worried if another one happens, will they be prepared?

Dori Jonker says, "I mean if the wind were to pick it up and blow it this way, we would just be minutes away."

Akram Almory says, "four times in six months, probably something causing it, to happen, it's something concerning, especially with the kids going in the backyard."

Many neighbors believe the fires are started by homeless people camping out down in Zintel Canyon.

Kennewick Fire Leaders say there was evidence someone was living where the fire started.

So far there are no suspects.

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