Neighbors tell Pasco planners proposed shelter "not a good fit"

Neighbors tell Pasco planners proposed shelter "not a good fit"

PASCO, Wash. — Neighbors living next to two empty housing units an area non-profit wants to turn into Emergency Housing for homeless families with children asked Pasco's Planning Commission to look elsewhere tonight.

Concerned residents showed up and spoke up at the open-record hearing for the site, telling Pasco commissioners they appreciate everything Community Action Connections (CAC) does for the Tri-Cities homeless population, but the location on Henry Street isn't a good fit for the area.

Gidget Bush lives nearby and said her neighbors didn't get the answers they came for and there are still too many unknowns about who could be moving in

“They’re going to be rotating in and out and nobody’s ever going to know what to expect," explained Bush. "Are you ever going to feel safe in your neighborhood again, not knowing who the next group of people to move in?”

Melissa Hess took to the podium for Community Action Connections answering the neighborhood's questions.

“I think it’s exciting," Hess said. "That this has really brought the issue to the forefront of the community. That people are talking about it, bringing awareness to it.”

After more than 90-minutes of discussion the commissioners decided to continue the Public Hearing in April while more information is collected.

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