New apartment complex is coming to downtown Richland

The new project will bring additional retail to downtown, with construction set to start this fall.

RICHLAND, Wash. - Population within the Tri-Cities is growing, creating a need for additional apartment housing.

Park Place will soon welcome 106 apartment units, a parking garage and 6,000 square ft. available for retail space.

Economic Development Manager, Zach Ratkai said “We see this as a great influx, a great opportunity for people to come rent an apartment but still have a sort of an urban feel in the area, while maintaining our small city feel as well.”

Currently the location is an empty plot of land known as the pit, surrounded by restaurants and retail stores.

It’s located at the southern part of Richland’s downtown area, near George Washington Way and across from Casa Mia.

“This development is going to really tie in an anchor spot in the southern part of our downtown area and we feel it’s going to bring together our parkway area, our downtown, along with the river and tie everything together,” Ratkai said.

He said with a fast-growing population there's a dire need for family housing.

“There’s certainly a demand we’re seeing all over the city, with people proposing to do multi-family apartments, so were seeing that lack in our area, right now,” said Ratkai.

City leaders hope this new project will help ease parking.

Ratkai said, “There will be a parking garage associated with this project, which should help alleviate some of the parking issues that we've been seeing with a growth in development.”

The city of Richland hopes the new facility will help keep the downtown area running all hours of the day, from dawn till dusk.

“We feel that an influx in residential and apartments downtown, will really bring about more vibrant night time, 24-hour usage of our downtown and really bring a long-term presence there.”

The new project will bring additional retail to downtown, with construction set to start this fall.

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