New report ranks Pasco 3rd safest city in Washington

New report ranks Pasco 3rd safest city in Washington

PASCO, Wash. — ranked The City of Pasco as third safest in Washington State, and safest on the east side of the state.

Richland and Kennewick weren't far behind at numbers five and 7. said the safety score uses FBI data on crimes, number of police on each metropolitan force and it also considers the city's size of the city and crime patterns from previous years.

Pasco Police Sgt. Scott Warren said Pasco's ranking is thanks in part to everyone who lives there,

"Working with the community, working with everybody is whats having the biggest impact, I think, on the lowering of the crime. It's all about engagement and getting involved."

Pasco Police's Facebook page said crime in Pasco has gone down 80% in the last 25 years.

Warren said they're modernizing their method of police-work, interacting more closely with the public on social media.

The sergeant said their Facebook feed is gaining followers, and community trust, because they let the silly stories be silly.

He listed Wednesday's marijuana bust as an example,

"Everybody obviously had different opinions about it, but they're talking about it. And that's what we're trying to do."

Kennewick Police Officer Roman Trujillo said community interaction with Kennewick's force often surprises his brothers and sisters of the badge from other parts of the country,

"We get so much support from the community it is astounding."

Trujillo said the partnership with the community is valuable because officers can't be everywhere at once,

"There are thousands of eyes out there all the time. That collaboration and the teamwork plays the biggest role in reducing the crime rate here in Kennewick."

Warren agreed, saying the communities and their police forces do it best when they team up to battle crime together,

"Don't hesitate to get involved. Make a phone call, you can stay anonymous. We can't be everywhere all the time."

For complete ranking and methodology for study, click here.

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