No-shave... October?

No-shave... October?

RICHLAND, Wash. — Richland Police are taking "No-shave November" to a whole new level with many on the force already sporting scruff they'll get to keep until December.

They're doing it to raise money for United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties.

As in previous years, participants pat to grow an unlimited amount of facial hair between now and December.

This year the donation was set at $75.

Funds are donated to the United Way, a non-profit organization with 22 local agencies and 52 programs.

Sgt. Jarin Whitby said not having to shave all the time is fantastic but their furry faces also serve as a great way to get a conversation started.

"There are some guys that have some pretty good beards going. I think it's great, it gives the guys a rest from shaving but also is a nice talking point with the community when it comes up, so we get that message out that there are needs here and through donating to the United Way, those needs can be met."

The Richland Police Department has already raised over $1,600, but the fundraiser isn't over until December.

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