Now what? City talks replacing chopped Columbia Park trees

    Now what? City planning replacements after chopping Columbia Park trees

    On Tuesday we showed you crews removing several large trees in Columbia Park.

    Afterward, you asked us to find out if city leaders are planning to replace them.

    Kennewick Parks and Recreation director Emily Estes Cross told Action News the answer is a resounding yes.

    She says Kennewick has a robust replanting program for parks and other public spaces like the Bob Olsen Pkwy, which got more than 600 trees when it opened last year.

    Cross says living in a dry climate like the Tri-Cities means a little more planning has to go into where to put them, though, and Columbia Park is no different.

    "Overall we replace the same number of trees that are removed, but not necessarily in the same exact location," she said. "Some trees grow just by nature, we might not have initially planted it there, so it depends on the conditions of the location."

    Viewers also wanted to know what happens to the lumber, and if it's available for firewood.

    Cross says the city contracts Senske to dispose of removed trees, so the leftover wood isn't up for grabs.

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