Old Country Buffet in Kennewick Now Closed, Assets Up For Auction

    photo: auction nation

    Kennewick, Wash. - The Old Country Buffet, a local favorite for many years has recently closed.

    The remaining assets from the Old Country Buffet are being offered to the public with a partnership with Auction Nation.

    Old Country Buffet still has another location in Kennewick located at 6821 W Canal Dr.

    “It is sad to see this location close its doors since so many local patrons have been coming here for years,” says Mats Myhre, a spokesperson for Auction Nation. “This is an amazing opportunity not only for people in the restaurant industry but for patrons and the general public alike to bid on and purchase the assets from Old Country Buffet”.

    The Old Country Buffet is located at 1321 N Columbia Center Blvd #873. All bidding will take place on the AuctionNation.com website and is online now through Thursday, January 17th, 2019 12:00 pm PT. Registration is free, open to the public and only takes a few minutes.

    “Each store contains everything from kitchen equipment and smallwares to furniture and decor,” says Chris Rushford, Auction Manager. “To be able to bid on the entire Old Country Buffet in Kennewick is an amazing opportunity for anyone in the restaurant business!"

    For full details and a complete schedule of the Kennewick, Old Country Buffet Liquidation Auction visit www.AuctionNation.com.

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